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Shaded Seats at Snapdragon Stadium

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Snapdragon Stadium is an open air stadium in San Diego, California. It serves as the home ground for the San Diego State Aztecs, Wave FC and Legion. San Diego is famous for its sunny and warm weather year-round, making sun exposure a key consideration for football and soccer fans. Aztecs and Wave supporters can refer to this guide along with the stadium seating chart to identify the best shaded seats at Snapdragon Stadium.

Where are the seats in the shade and sun at Snapdragon Stadium?

Typically, shaded seats at Snapdragon Stadium are situated:

  • Along the west (home) sideline

Conversely, sunny seats are predominantly found:

  • Along the east (visitor) sideline
  • Behind the end zones

Snapdragon Stadium hosts games at various times, including early afternoon, late afternoon, and evening. San Diego is famous for year-round warmth and sun, and during the summer months evening games take place well before sunset.

Snapdragon Stadium Orientation to the Sun

The stadium’s slightly off-axis north-to-south orientation means the sun is almost directly above the south end zone by 1:00 PM. Over the course of the afternoon the sun dips down behind the structure on the west side of the stadium. It eventually sets closer to the north end zone.

The graphic below shows the approximate location of the sun throughout the day on July 1st.

Where to Buy Tickets

Ticketmaster is the official ticketing site for the Aztecs and Wave FC. It is also where you can buy Verified Resale tickets. Season ticket holders may also list unused seats on SeatGeek and Stubhub so consider checking all for prices and availability.

Seats in the Sun and Shade at Afternoon Snapdragon Stadium Games

Snapdragon Stadium is a completely open-air venue, presenting a challenge for those seeking shade. The absence of any canopies or roofs means there are few places to escape the sun’s rays early in the day.

For 1:00 PM games, except for premium suites and a select few rows in the back of the 100-level, nearly all seats are exposed to the sun. By mid-afternoon, as the sun shifts westward, shaded seating becomes available on the west side, notably in sections 123-133 (lower level), 323-333 (upper level), and the club seats in between.

The sunniest seats are on the east side, particularly in sections 101-113 and 202-212. Seats behind the end zones will start the day sunny and gradually receive some shade. In these sections, the shade will move from west to east across the field; section 120 will be shaded first, followed by section 119, then section 118, and so forth.

Afternoon shadows on the stands at Snapdragon Stadium

By late-afternoon seats on the west sideline (right) are in the shade, while seats on the east sideline (left) are in the sun.
SPP Sport Press Photo. / Alamy Stock Photo

Seats in the Sun and Shade at Evening Snapdragon Stadium Games

By early evening, the entire west side of the stadium and both end zones will be shaded. The east side sections will remain sun-exposed at the start of the game and won’t receive shade until sunset. If you have sensitive eyes, be cautious when choosing seats on the east side, as the sun will be in your eyes for part of the game.

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