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Find Shaded Seats at MLB Games

Is there anything more American than going to see your favorite Major League Baseball team play on a warm summer day? It’s all great until you show up at your seat and realize your beer is warm and you are going to bake in the sun for the next three hours. Maybe you like the sun, and that’s OK! But for many of us the difference between a seat in the sun and knowing where to find the shaded seats is the difference between a good ballpark experience and a great ballpark experience.

Shaded seats at the ballpark
We created because we are strongly in the “sit in the shade” camp. Every MLB ballpark is unique, which makes it such a great sport to follow. However, that also makes it tricky for the average fan to navigate seating charts and ballpark maps.
The good news is that the sun is a predictable star. Every morning it rises in the east and sets in the west, no matter which city you are in. Knowing the orientation of the ballpark is the first step in finding the shaded seats. From there, looking for seats in the back rows of sections is key as they are more likely to have cover from the section above

Use the links on the right sidebar (or below on mobile) to navigate to your favorite ballpark and learn about where to find the shaded seats. Enjoy the game!