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Levi’s Stadium Seats in Sun & Shade

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Unlike the San Francisco Giants, the 49ers play at Levi’s Stadium out in Santa Clara. Even though it’s about 50 miles from SF, it gets quite toasty here at the beginning of the season and fans may seek the relief of a seat in the shade. However, later in the season finding a seat in the sun will likely provide some additional comfort. Use this article in combination with the Levi’s Stadium seating chart to find the seats in the shade and sun.

Where are the seats in the shade and sun at Levi’s Stadium?

As a general rule, the seats in the shade at Levi’s Stadium are located:

  • On the 49ers home side of the field
  • In a row farther back from the field

And the seats in the sun at Levi’s Stadium are located:

  • On the visitor’s side of the field
  • In the end zones, especially closer to the visitor’s side

Most games at Levi’s Stadium kick off in the 1:00pm hour. However, prime time “night” games will usually kick off in the 5:00pm hour to accommodate the TV schedule for those watching on the east coast. For specific details about sections and start times, read on.

Levi’s Stadium Orientation to the Sun

Levi’s Stadium is oriented in a northwest to southeast direction. By noon the sun is high in the sky near the southeast end zone. Over the course of the afternoon it dips down behind the luxury suites located on the home field side of the stadium and eventually sets behind the suites entirely.

The graphic below shows the approximate location of the sun throughout the day on October 1st.

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Seats in the Sun and Shade at 1:00pm San Francisco 49ers Games

Depending on the time of year a seat in the shade or in the sun may be preferrable. The sun advances across the afternoon sky behind the home side of the field. Levi’s Stadium has a unique configuration, where a majority of luxury suites are on the home side of the stadium. The suites work as a wall that blocks the sun and provides shade for most fans on the home side.

Fans in sections 132-144 will experience shade for most of the game. Those in rows closer to the field may get some sun early, but those in rows farther from the field should be shaded for the entire game. Similarly, mezzanine sections 232-246 will be shaded thanks to the sun blocking luxury suites.

If you’re seeking the rays of the sun, almost every seat on the visitor’s side of the field will keep you warm, as long as its not a cloudy day. Pack sunscreen if you sit in sections 108-132, 209-223 or 405-418. Rows in the very back of the lower and middle decks might have a small bit of cover from the structure above, but this cover is minimal. Those in the upper deck will definitely feel the heat as  there is nothing up there to block out the sun.

Shadows on the field at Levi's Stadium

The luxury suites form a wall to block the sun for those seated on the home side of the stadium. Lebid Volodymyr /

Seats in the Sun and Shade at 5:00pm or later San Francisco 49ers Games

The 49ers have very few true “night” games, so those attending a game with a late afternoon kickoff should be aware of the position of the sun. Seats on the home side of the field will be shaded for the entire game. On the visitor’s side, fans will experience shade starting with those in the rows closest to the field and working backward. Seats in the upper deck will remain in the sun the longest. And as the sun begins to set fans may also find rays shining right into their eyes. Bring sunglasses if you plan to sit up there!

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