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Shaded Seats at Providence Park

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Providence Park is a historic soccer-specific stadium in Portland, Oregon. Home to the MLS’s Portland Timbers and the NWSL’s Portland Thorns, it’s a hub for soccer fans in the Pacific Northwest. While Portland is stereotyped for rain, summers bring plenty of sunny and hot days. Timbers and Thorns fans should use this guide along with the stadium seating chart to find the best shaded seats at Providence Park.

Where are the seats in the shade and sun at Providence Park?

Typically, the seats in the shade at Providence Park are located:

  • Along the west sideline
  • Behind the north goal line, in the upper rows beneath the roof

And the seats in the sun at Providence Park are located:

  • Along the east sideline

Matches at Providence Park often start in the late afternoon or evening, with occasional early afternoon games. Notably, during summer evenings in Portland, the sun may shine well into the first half of the match or longer.

Providence Park Orientation to the Sun

The stadium is oriented northeast to southwest. By 1:00 PM, the sun sits almost directly above the south goal line. Over the course of the afternoon the sun curves around the stadium and dips down behind the structure on the west side of the stadium. It eventually sets closer to the north goal line.

The graphic below shows the approximate location of the sun throughout the day on July 1st.

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Seats in the Sun and Shade at Afternoon Providence Park Matches

Providence Park’s unique horseshoe design offers a distinct advantage for sun avoidance as upper row seats around the pitch are covered by a roof. During early afternoon games, sections 209-223 on the west and the upper sections of the GA Supporters behind the north goal line are the most shaded, being directly under a roof. The east sideline terrace sections TR1-TR9, ET1-ET9, and EV1-EV9 also benefit from shade thanks to the overhead roof.

For those who prefer the sun, east sideline sections 92-99, C1-C5 and the lower GA Supporters section behind the goal line receive plenty of sunlight but start to become shaded later in the day.

Afternoon shadows on the stands at Providence Park

By late afternoon sections on the east sideline (where the PORTLAND seats are located) are in the sun while those on the west sideline are shaded.
Photo by Brian Murphy/Icon Sportswire

Seats in the Sun and Shade at Evening Providence Park Matches

In the evenings, sections 109-123 and 209-223 on the west side, along with most of the GA section, are shaded. These west side sections are ideal for those seeking shade, as any seat on the west side will be shaded by evening.

The east side of the stadium presents a more complex situation. Club level seats in C1-C5 may start the match in the sun but gradually move into the shade as the evening progresses. Conversely, seats in higher sections on this side may start shaded (due to the roof) but become sun-exposed before the sun completely sets opposite the pitch.

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