M&T Bank Stadium Seats in Sun & Shade

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M&T Bank Stadium is a top-tier NFL stadium located in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Originally called Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards, it serves as the home field for the Baltimore Ravens and is one of the best venues to watch live NFL football. Maryland experiences a variety of weather conditions, and even the fall can be hot and humid. As an open-air venue, it’s important for fans to know the location of seats in the shade, especially during the warmer months at the beginning of the Ravens season.

Where Are the Seats in the Shade and Sun at M&T Bank Stadium?

Generally speaking, shaded seats at M&T Bank Stadium are:

  • On the Ravens’ home (south) side of the stadium
  • In the southwest corner of the stadium near the west end zone

Conversely, seats in the sun at M&T Bank Stadium can be found:

  • On the away team’s (north) side of the stadium
  • Behind the east end zone

Games at M&T Bank Stadium usually kick off at 1:00 p.m., sometimes in the 4:00 p.m. hour, and occasionally after dark for NFL Sunday Night or Monday Night games. For specific details about sections and start times, continue reading.

M&T Bank Stadium Orientation to the Sun

M&T Bank Stadium is oriented in a slightly offset northwest-to-southeast direction. By noon, the sun is high in the sky near the eastern end zone. Over the course of the afternoon, it dips down behind the home field side of the stadium and eventually sets near the western end zone.

The graphic below shows the approximate location of the sun throughout the day on October 1st.

Shade and Sun at Ravens Stadium at Camden YardsClick or tap here to see a detailed seating chart at M&T Bank Stadium

Seats in the Sun and Shade at Early Afternoon M&T Bank Stadium Games

The orientation of M&T Bank Stadium makes identifying seats in the shade and sun relatively simple. If you’re seeking shade, opt for a section on the home (south) side of the stadium. Sections 119-134, 221-233, and 520-533 are on the shaded side of the field. Be careful choosing a bleeder seat in the 500-level, as M&T Bank Stadium lacks a canopy above the upper deck, so you may feel the sun on the back of your neck for the first quarter or so.

Seats on the north (visitor’s) side of the stadium will largely remain in the sun for the majority of an early afternoon game. Sections 100-105, 148-153, 200-205, 248-253, 500-506, and 547-553 will be mostly sun-soaked unless it’s a cloudy day. Sections behind both end zones will likely be in the sun for much or all of an early day game. If you want to sit behind an end zone, you’ll have better luck finding shade in the corners closer to the home side.

Shadows on the stands at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore

Choose a seat on the home (south) side of the stadium if you’re looking for shade and the visitor (north) side of the stadium if you want sun. Credit: Raven vs Jaguars Game by Maryland GovPics (CC BY 2.0).

Seats in the Sun and Shade at Late Afternoon Games at M&T Bank Stadium

For games that kick off after 4:00 p.m., you’ll find a large number of seats in the shade. In addition to the home (south) side of the stadium, both end zones will be shaded from the sun by this hour. On the north (visitor’s) side of the stadium, the shade will start to hit the seats closest to the field first and move upward. It will first reach the 100 level, followed by the 200 level, and finally the 500-level. Be careful choosing a bleeder seat on this side of the stadium, and bring sunglasses if you do. You may be staring directly into the sun for at least part of the game!

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