Lumen Field Seats in Sun & Shade

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Lumen Field (formerly CenturyLink Field) is a beloved part of the Seattle sports landscape. It is home to more professional teams than almost any other stadium in the U.S., including the Seattle Seahawks (NFL), Seattle Sea Dragons (XFL), Seattle Sounders FC (MLS), and OL Reign (NWSL). Unlike Seattle’s Major League ballpark next door, Lumen Field features a unique metal roof designed to mimic the waves of nearby Puget Sound. However, this roof doesn’t fully close, and even though approximately 70% of seats are under cover, depending on the time of day, some seats will be in the sun and others in the shade. You can use this article in combination with the Lumen Field seating chart to locate seats in both the shade and the sun.

Where are the seats in the shade and sun at Lumen Field?

As a general rule, the seats in the shade at Lumen Field are located:

  • On the home (west) side of the field
  • In the upper bowl directly under the roof

And the seats in the sun at Lumen Field are located:

  • On the the visitor (east) side of the field
  • Behind the north end zone

To accommodate NFL TV schedules most home Seahawks games kick off around 1:00pm, though Sunday night and Monday “night” games usually start in the 5:00pm hour. In the summer you can catch Sounders and Reign soccer games starting as early as 12:30pm and as late as 7:30pm. For specific details about which sections to look for tickets in, read on.

Lumen Field Orientation to the Sun

Lumen Field is oriented in a north to south direction. By 1:00pm the sun is high in the sky over the south end zone. Over the course of the afternoon the sun dips down behind the home side of the stadium and eventually sets closer to the north end zone.

The graphic below shows the approximate location of the sun throughout the day on July 1st.

Shade and Sun at CenturyLink Field in SeattleClick or tap here to see an interactive seating chart and seat views at Lumen Field.

Seats in the Sun and Shade at Early Afternoon Lumen Field Games

Lumen Field has a unique roof that runs parallel to the sidelines, covering most seats on the east and west sides of the stadium but leaving sections behind the end zones exposed. For an early afternoon game, whether you sit in the sun or shade depends heavily on whether you are under the roof. Upper deck sections 304-314 and 330-340 should be mostly safe from the sun. Club level sections 204-214 and 230-240 should also be far enough away from the field to benefit from the roof’s cover. Seats most likely to be in the sun are those in the lower 100-level and behind the end zones.

Seats in the Sun and Shade at Late Afternoon Lumen Field Games

By late afternoon the situation shifts as the sun descends behind the home (west) side of the stadium. If you want to sit in the shade choose a seat in section 130-140, 230-240 or 328-340. The visitor (east) side of the stadium is quite a bit trickier to navigate. Around mid-afternoon the lower level (sections 104-114) and club level (204-214) will be in the sun, while the back of the upper deck sections 304-314 will still be shaded by the roof above. However, as the afternoon wears on the angle of the sun shifts and the lower and club levels start to receive shade from the roof on the opposite side of the stadium, while seats in the upper deck move into the sun.

Shadows on the stands at Lumen Field in Chicago

Fans on the east side of the stadium may have the sun in their eyes during the game. Credit: Seattle Seahawks by Chuck Taylor (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Seats in the Sun and Shade at Evening Lumen Field Games

While the Seahawks rarely kick off at Lumen Field after 6:00pm there are plenty of evening soccer games throughout the summer. For an evening soccer game you will find most seats in the shade. The west side of the stadium will be safe from the sun, as will seats behind the end zones (or in this case goal lines). And since the Sounders and Reign usually only use the lower and club level sections, most upper deck seats in the sun won’t even be in use.

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