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Shaded Seats at CPKC Stadium

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CPKC Stadium is an open-air soccer stadium located in Kansas City, Missouri. It serves as the home ground for the Kansas City Current of the NWSL and holds the distinction of being the first purpose-built stadium in the United States for women’s soccer. Kansas City is known for its hot and humid summers, which makes selecting the right seating crucial for fan comfort. Current fans planning to attend matches should use this guide in conjunction with the stadium’s seating chart to identify the best shaded seats at CPKC Stadium.

Where are the seats in the shade and sun at CPKC Stadium?

Typically, shaded seats at CPKC Stadium are located:

  • Along the west sideline
  • Behind the south goal line

And the sunny seats are predominantly found:

  • Along the east sideline
  • Behind the north goal line

The Kansas City Current have a schedule with a mix of matches at all times of day. Home matches start as early as noon or as late as 8:30 PM with kickoff times in between. Kansas City has hot and humid summers and evening games often take place before sunset. Soccer fans should be aware of the location of shaded seats to help stay cool during the game.

CPKC Stadium Orientation to the Sun

The stadium’s northwest-to-southeast orientation means the sun is almost directly above the south goal line at noon. Over the course of the afternoon the sun slowly descends behind the west side of the stadium. It eventually sets near the north goal line.

The graphic below shows the approximate location of the sun throughout the day on July 1st.

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Seats in the Sun and Shade at Afternoon CPKC Stadium Matches

CPKC Stadium holds the honor of being the first stadium in the U.S. built specifically for an NWSL team. While it’s smaller than the typical MLS stadium, it ensures that nearly every seat is close to the action on the pitch. Seats are located on all sides of the field, with a U-shaped roof covering most of them. However, the limited number of seats and bar tables on the north side of the stadium near the Missouri River are exposed to the sun and elements.

For noon or 1:00 PM games, the best option for shade is on the west sideline. Sections 101-110 offer premium seats and are a great choice if you can swing it. Alternatively, upper-level sections 200-209 also provide shade, thanks to the roof above. The supporters section behind the south sideline is under cover, but the stadium’s open design means the sun’s rays may still sneak through, depending on the time of day. On the east sideline, the highest rows in sections 223-232 should initially be shaded, but these may become sunny by mid-afternoon.

The sunniest seats are on the east sideline, especially in the lower-level sections 123-132. These seats are exposed to the sun for most of the afternoon.

Seats in the Sun and Shade at Evening CPKC Stadium Matches

By early evening, the entire west sideline of the stadium and the goal line sections will be shaded. On the east sideline, sections 123-132 will remain sunny until the sun is low enough to be blocked by the stadium roof on the opposite side. If you have sensitive eyes, use caution with sections 223-232, as you’ll be facing the sun for at least part of the game.

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