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BMO Stadium (Los Angles) Seats in Sun & Shade

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BMO Stadium (formerly Banc of California Stadium) is a soccer-specific stadium located in Los Angeles. It is home to two local soccer clubs: Los Angeles FC of Major League Soccer and Angel City FC of the National Women’s Soccer League. BMO Stadium, like the two major league ballparks in the LA area, is an outdoor venue that is not air-conditioned or protected from the elements, exposing fans to the year-round sun and heat in Southern California. That’s why it’s important for fans to know the location of seats in the shade at BMO Stadium to have the best gameday experience.

Where are the seats in the shade and sun at BMO Stadium?

As a general rule, the seats in the shade at BMO Stadium are located:

  • Along the west sideline of the field
  • Behind the south goal line

And the seats in the sun at BMO Stadium are located:

  • Along the east sideline of the field
  • Behind the north goal line, specifically the northeast corner

Games at BMO Stadium typically kick off in the late afternoon or evening with an occasional early afternoon event sprinkled in. Even if you’re heading to an evening game, the sun may still be shining for the first several minutes of the game so it’s important to know where the seats in the shade are located.

BMO Stadium Orientation to the Sun

BMO Stadium is oriented in a slightly off-center north to south direction. By 1:00pm the sun is high in the sky almost directly over the south goal line. Over the course of the afternoon the sun curves around the stadium and dips down behind the structure on the west side of the stadium. It eventually sets closer to the north goal line.

The graphic below shows the approximate location of the sun throughout the day on July 1st.

Where to Buy Tickets

Ticketmaster is the official ticketing site for LAFC and Angel City FC. It is also where you can buy Verified Resale tickets. Season ticket holders may also list unused seats on SeatGeek and Stubhub so consider checking all for prices and availability.

Seats in the Sun and Shade at Afternoon BMO Stadium Games

BMO Stadium features a unique roof that is split into two pieces. The first is a C-shaped piece on the wraps around the south, west and north sides of the stadium, and then a separate piece on the east side of the stadium, with gaps in between which allows fans in certain seats to have a view of the downtown LA skyline.

For games early in the afternoon, the seats most likely to be protected from the sun are behind the south goal line (sections 120-124 and 220-224). As the afternoon progresses seats on the west side of the stadium will get some relief from the sun (sections 125-135 and 225-235). Seats toward the back of sections 208-217 may also be in the shade thanks to the roof directly above.

If you’re looking to soak in some sun, seats in the sun during the early afternoon are behind  the north goal line in the home team supporters section. Sun will also shine down on the lower-level along the east touch line in sections 109-117.

Afternoon shadows on the pitch and stands at BMO Stadium

By mid-afternoon seats on the west sideline (left side in this photo) are in the shade, while seats on the east sideline (right side) are sun soaked.
Credit: BMO Stadium by Subashwilfred (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Seats in the Sun and Shade at Evening BMO Stadium Games

Seats in the shade are much easier to find when the game you’re attending starts in the evening. By golden hour seats on the west side of the stadium and behind both goal lines will be in the shade. On the east side the lower-level sections 109-117 will get shade as soon as the sun gets blocked by the stadium roof on the opposite side. Upper-level sections 208-217 will stay in the sun longest. Bring sunglasses if you pick a seat up here as the sun will be in your eyes for at least part of the game!

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