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Stubhub is the granddaddy of ticket sellers. They’ve been doing this for over 20 years! Stubhub is the official Fan to Fan Ticket Marketplace of and the 30 Major League Clubs. When it comes to buying MLB tickets on the secondary market, Stubhub is clearly a top choice.

That said, we suggest purchasing tickets from any of:

We receive a commission (at no cost to you) when you use our links and purchase tickets through SeatGeek and Stubhub but not for direct purchases. You can learn about that in our disclosure.

There are pros and cons to purchasing from all of these platforms. Stubhub tends to offer a very robust inventory of tickets, including those available only to season plan holders. Seatgeek sometimes has slightly lower prices. And buying direct lets you take advantage of any special deals or promotions offered directly from the team. In the end, you can’t go wrong with any of these three choices.

Does Stubhub charge fees?

Yes. Of course they do. Every ticket platform on the internet charges fees. That’s how they maintain their operations. No matter which platform you buy tickets from, you will pay fees. Sure, there are some ticket platforms that claim they don’t charge fees; but look into it. All they’re really doing is rolling the fees into the advertised price, so what you pay in the end is exactly the same (or more!).

Stubhub recently increased their fee transparency. This is a big improvement over how they used to operate, and over a lot of their competition. Use the “Show prices with estimated fees” toggle to compare tickets based on your actual cost. What’s awesome is that when you have this toggle on, if you find an awesome shaded seat for $50, when you get to the checkout it’s going to actually cost $50.

Toggle the “estimated fees” on to compared prices based on their final price.

In our opinion, there is nothing more obnoxious than ticket platforms that hide the fees until the very last step of the checkout process. They hope that once you’ve committed to typing in your contact and billing info that you’re not going to back out once you see the final price. We don’t like that practice and are glad that Stubhub is more transparent.

Is Stubhub legit? 

This is a fair question. Unless you buy tickets directly from your favorite team’s website or physical box office, it’s hard to know exactly where the ticket came from and who the seller is. That’s why it’s important to buy tickets on a reputable platform with a solid buyer guarantee. Stubhub is the official Fan to Fan Ticket Marketplace of and the 30 Major League Clubs. You are not going to find a more reputable MLB ticket website than Stubhub.

You can click or tap here to read Stubhub’s FanProtect Promise. Put simply, you get valid tickets or your money back. And Stubhub will find you replacement tickets if there are any issues. We have personally purchased tickets on Stubhub and never had to fall back on the Promise.