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Professional soccer has been growing in popularity in the U.S. over the past several years. While many MLS teams started at whatever stadium was available in their city, many now have dedicated soccer stadiums, while others share with the local NFL franchise. The season runs long, starting in winter and ending in the following fall, with many games in the hottest summer months. Soccer fans will want to know where to find seats in the sun and shade.

We started back in 2019 to help your figure out where to sit at baseball games. Then we added some football stadiums and now it’s soccer’s turn. For the 2023 season we are piloting a handful of stadiums that host MLS and NWSL teams. If the demand is strong then we will add more! The stadiums and teams included in the pilot are:

Which soccer stadiums would you like to see added next? Where do you want to know where to find seats in the shade and sun for football games? Send us a message and let us know!