Shaded Seats at Arthur Ashe Stadium

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Located in Queens and just a stone’s throw from the home of the Mets, Arthur Ashe Stadium is named after tennis legend Arthur Ashe. It serves as the main stage for the US Open. As the world’s largest tennis venue, it offers top-notch facilities and a great atmosphere for fans. One thing to know about New York City is that late August can be brutally hot, with summer heat to be expected during the tournament. The good news is that you can use this article in conjunction with the seating chart to find shaded seats at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Where are the seats in the shade at Arthur Ashe Stadium?

As a general rule, the seats in the shade at Arthur Ashe Stadium are located:

  • On the south side of the stadium
  • On the west side of the stadium
  • In a nosebleed seat in the back of the upper deck directly under the roof

Matches at the US Open begin daily at noon, and the sun doesn’t set in New York City until around 7:30 pm. That’s seven-and-a-half hours of tennis action that takes place while the sun is out and shining.

In 2016, a new roof was added over Arthur Ashe Stadium. However, this did not convert the tennis venue into a climate-controlled stadium like those found at some MLB and NFL venues. The roof’s sole job is to allow play to continue in the event of rain. So, as long as precipitation is not in the forecast, the roof will be open, and the sun will shine through.

Arthur Ashe Stadium Orientation to the Sun

Arthur Ashe Stadium is oriented in a northwest to southeast direction. By noon the sun is high in the sky over the south stands. Over the course of the afternoon the sun dips down along the west side of the stadium and sets closer to the northwest corner.

The graphic below shows the approximate location of the sun throughout the day on September 1st.

Shade and Sun at the US OpenClick or tap here to see an interactive seating chart and seat views at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Seats in the Sun and Shade at early Afternoon Arthur Ashe Stadium Matches

The addition of the roof to Arthur Ashe Stadium is a big improvement because it creates a lot of shade that didn’t exist before. However, you still need to know where to find it! If you’re attending the first match of the day at noon, approximately half of the seats at Arthur Ashe will be in the sun and about half in the shade. As the afternoon progresses, the percentage of seats in the shade goes up.

To avoid the sun, choose a seat in sections 126-136, 101-103, 329, 340, or 301-303. If you want to sit courtside, pick a seat in section 1-7 or 60-67. Be aware that sections 47-58 are on the west side of the stadium but will still be in the sun at the very beginning of the day as the sun sneaks through the opening of the roof. As the afternoon progresses, these courtside seats will start to receive some shade.

Sections on the north and east sides of the stadium will likely receive sun for the first several hours of each day if not the entire afternoon. Seats in sections 108-122 are likely to be sun-soaked. Courtside sections 14-24 will be in the direct path of the sun as well. If you don’t mind the nosebleeds, the very back of many 300-level sections manage to stay out of the sun as the partial roof extends far enough out to protect fans in those sections.

Shadows on the stands at Arthur Ashe Stadium

In the late afternoon, shadows cover sections on the south and west side of the stadium, plus upper-level sections directly under the roof.

Seats in the Sun and Shade at late Afternoon Arthur Ashe Stadium Matches

There are many more choices for seats in the shade later in the day. If the match you’re attending starts around 4pm or later, sections 1-47, 101-122 and 301-325 will provide you protection from the sun. Avoid sections 13-28, 108-115 and 310-317 as they get the most sun for the most number of hours. Also be careful with seats in the southeast corner of the stadium like 104-107 and 305-309. Some seats over here may be directly in the path of the setting sun later in the day.

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