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Professional and college football are quintessential American fall sports. But fall doesn’t technically begin until the third week in September. Those first few weeks of the football season can feel quite toasty. Not to mention that many franchises play in warm climates year round! Savvy football fans might want to know where to find the seats in the shade and sun.

We started to help your figure out where to sit at all 30 MLB parks. The difference between a shaded seat and a seat in the sun can make the world of difference at a summer ballgame. But is there demand to know where the seats in the sun and shade are for football games? Do the relatively cooler autumn days mean fans don’t mind where they sit? Or do people actually want to seek out the rays of the sun for games schedule late in the season? The only way to know for sure is to try and see!

For the 2021 season we will pilot a handful of NFL and share college stadiums. If the demand is there then we will add more! The stadiums and teams included in the pilot are:

Shaded seats at football games

Which stadiums would you like to see added next? Where do you want to know where to find seats in the shade and sun for football games? Send us a tweet @ShadedSeats and let us know!