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Shaded Seats at Oracle Park

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Oracle Park, located on the San Francisco Bay, is the beloved home of the Giants. Renowned for its stunning views and classic ballpark design, Oracle Park provides a fantastic game-day experience. San Francisco is known for its mild climate, but with an open-air stadium it’s important to know where to find shade on a sunny California day. Giants fans can use the stadium seating chart along with this guide to identify the best shaded seats at Oracle Park.

Where are the shaded seats at Oracle Park?

Typically, the seats in the shade at Oracle Park are located:

  • 1st Base Line: Receives shade in the mid-afternoon and evening
  • Behind Home Plate: Shaded by late-afternoon and during evening games
  • Club Level: Back rows of the club level are covered and shaded

The Giants keep a somewhat unusual schedule compared to other MLB teams. For the 2024 season, Giants play day games (12:45 p.m. or 1:05 p.m.), late afternoon games (4:15 p.m.), and evening games (6:45 p.m. or 7:15 p.m.),. They have a handful of other times mixed in too depending on the TV schedule. For specific details about sections and different start times, please continue reading.

Oracle Park Orientation to the Sun

Oracle Park faces due east toward McCovey Cove. Each morning the sun rises behind the left field wall, curves around the right field foul pole around lunchtime, then dips behind the 1st base side of the stadium before setting roughly between home plate and 3rd base. This configuration makes the first base side of the park the “shade side,” though only for day games. Evening games offer a few more opportunities to find shade before dark.

The graphic below shows the approximate location of the sun throughout the day on July 1st (halfway through the MLB season).

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Seats in the Shade at Giants Afternoon Games

At the start of a Giants day game, the sun is high above the right field foul pole. Shade is relatively sparse early in the afternoon. The best chance to avoid the sun at this time of day is in a 200 club-level section. Sections 202-233, all located in foul territory, are small sections with fewer than 15 rows each. Most rows in these sections sit under the overhang from the upper deck, helping to create shade for most seats. If you want to be especially cautious, choose the back half of the section for shade.

As the game progresses, the sun shifts, and the 1st base line becomes the “shade side.” Generally, on this side of the park, seats in the upper level will become shaded faster than those at field level. And at field level, seats farther from the field will become shaded faster than those close to the action. Oracle Park has an asymmetric design, and there are fewer choices on the “shade side” than on the sunny side, so choose your seat carefully!

The sunniest sections are on the 3rd base line and in the outfield. Seats on the 3rd base line close to home plate and the dugout may get some shade by the late innings, but elsewhere on this side of the park, it’s sunny. To be honest, given San Francisco’s climate, a little sun may actually be preferable on some days!

Shadows on the stands at AT&T Park

By mid-afternoon, the 1st base side of the ballpark is shaded while the 3rd base side and outfield sections are in the sun.
Photo by John Hefti/Icon Sportswire

Seats in the Shade at Giants Evening Games

Sunset in San Francisco isn’t until 8:30 p.m. or later during the summer months. Now that the Giants have adjusted their schedule to start most evening games at 6:45, sun exposure is an important consideration for these games. Sections 130-144, beyond the left and center field walls and deep in the left field corner near the foul pole, are the most vulnerable to the sun. Sections 101-103 and 145-152 in right field and the adjacent corner could also have some late-day issues with the sun. However, the rest of the ballpark should have minimal problems with the sun or glare between the first pitch and sunset.

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