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Lincoln Financial Field Seats in Sun & Shade

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Lincoln Financial Field, located in South Philly, serves as the home turf for the Philadelphia Eagles and the Temple University Owls. It’s also used for international soccer, concerts and other special events. Philadelphia’s diverse climate, featuring hot and humid summers and chilly late-season matchups, makes weather a significant gameday factor at this open-air venue. The good news is that fans can used this guide to identify the best shaded seats at Lincoln Financial Field.

Where Are the Seats in the Shade and Sun at Lincoln Financial Field?

Generally, shaded seats at Lincoln Financial Field are located:

  • South End Zone: Some shade early in the day
  • West sideline: Shaded on the Eagles’ home side of the stadium

Conversely, seats in the sun can be found:

  • North End Zone: Sunny on the north side of the stadium
  • East Sideline: Lots of sun on the away team’s side of the stadium

Games at Lincoln Financial Field are scheduled throughout the day. The Eagles sometimes have kickoffs at 1:00 p.m., sometimes in the 4:00 p.m. hour, and occasionally after dark for NFL Sunday Night or Monday Night games. College games tend to be scheduled for the afternoon, and special events like concerts and international soccer games often take place in the later afternoon or evening. 

Lincoln Financial Field Orientation to the Sun

Lincoln Financial Field is oriented in a slightly offset north-to-south direction. By noon, the sun is high above the south end zone. Over the course of the afternoon, it dips down behind the west field side of the stadium and eventually sets near the northern end zone.

The graphic below shows the approximate location of the sun throughout the day on September 1st.

Where to Buy Tickets

Ticketmaster is the official ticketing site for the Eagles. It is also where you can buy Verified Resale tickets. Season ticket holders may also list unused seats on SeatGeek and Stubhub so consider checking all for prices and availability.

Seats in the Sun and Shade at Early Afternoon Games at Lincoln Financial Field

The design of Lincoln Financial Field makes finding shade at 1:00 PM challenging. Sections in the lower level behind the southern end zone, like 109-112, should be relatively safe from the sun for a significant portion of the game. However, sections in the upper level behind the south end zone, like 209-218, may be in the path of the sun for at least the first quarter or two. This is because, while the sidelines have a canopy covering the highest seats, the upper-level sections behind both end zones are exposed.

As the afternoon progresses, the best sections for shade are on the west (home) side of the stadium. For a shaded seat, seek out sections 106-134, C6-C35, or 207-239. Even seats in the upper reaches on the west side should be safe from the sun, thanks to the canopy covering the upper level.

Seats on the east (visitor’s) side of the stadium will largely remain in the sun for the majority of an early afternoon game. Sections 115-124, C16-C27, and 219-231 will be mostly sun-soaked unless it’s a cloudy day. It will also be difficult to avoid the sun if you sit behind the north end zone, in sections like 127-131 and 233-237. The upper level here is exposed to the elements with no cover, placing it directly in the path of the sun’s rays.

By late-afternoon seats on the west side of the stadium (left) are shaded while those on the east side of the stadium (right) are still in the sun.
Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire

Seats in the Sun and Shade at Late Afternoon Games at Lincoln Financial Field

When a game or event kicks off after 4:00 PM, it’s much easier to find a seat in the shade. For late-day events, most seats on the west (home) side of the field, as well as those behind the southern end zone, will be shaded for most or all of the game.

On the east (visitor’s) side, shade will start to reach the seats closest to the field first and move upward. It will first reach the 100 level, followed by the club level, and finally the 200 level. Be cautious when choosing a seat on the east side of the stadium if you’re sensitive to the sun, and make sure to bring sunglasses as you might need them for at least the first quarter or two!

Ready to Get Your Eagles or Owls Tickets?

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