Shaded Seats at Comerica Park

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The Detroit Tigers have called Comerica Park home since 2000 after waving goodbye to the legendary Tiger Stadium. The stadium is located in the heart of Detroit, adjacent to the Detroit Opera House and Ford Field. Despite being one of the northern most ballparks in the majors, Detroit gets plenty of sun and humidity in the summer, so it’s important to look for Comerica Park shaded seats when you see the Tigers play at home.

Where are the shaded seats at Comerica Park?

As a general rule, the seats in the shade at Comerica Park are located:

  • In the right field corner or along the 1st base line
  • Sit farther back in one of those section under an overhang
  • In the last few rows of the upper deck sections under the roof

Most of the time, the Tigers play their night games at 7:10 p.m. Games on Sunday and mid-week games on getaway days typically start at 1:10 p.m. However, the Tigers also like to play Saturday home games at 4:10 p.m. All three game times present different challenges for finding shade. For specific details about sections and different start times, read on.

Comerica Park Orientation to the Sun

Comerica Park is oriented with the batter facing south-southeast. The ballparks in Pittsburgh and South Chicago have similar orientations, but Comerica is the most south-oriented. This setup can sometimes have the batter with the sun in his eyes in early innings of afternoon games. The way the stadium is set up also allows a lot of sunshine to hit the field and the stands. This can be nice in April and September when a little extra warmth is welcomed. However, it can make things a little difficult to find adequate shade in the summer.

The graphic below shows the approximate location of the sun throughout the day on July 1st (halfway through the MLB season).

Comerica Park Shaded SeatsClick or tap here to open an interactive seating chart at Comerica Park .


Seats in the Shade at Tigers Early Afternoon Games

During the summer months, the sun in Detroit is facing almost due south around 1:05. Fortunately for hitters, it’s just to their right as they’re looking at the mound. This sun position makes it difficult to find shade outside of sections 112-115 under the overhang.

The last few rows of the upper deck will be another option to find protection from the sun, as they will have coverage from above. Fans sitting in the right field stands, sections 101-110, and those along the 1st baseline beyond the bag will have the benefit of the sun being behind them as the game moves along, which should provide some relief even if they’re not out of the sun entirely. Meanwhile, anything on the 3rd baseline or in the left field stands should be avoided if you want to stay out of the sun for a day game.

Seats in the Shade at Tigers Late Afternoon games

By the start of a 4:10 game, the Detroit sun will have started to advance to the 1st base side of the stadium. At this point, the back rows in sections 112-124 along the 1st baseline may be the best way to stay out of the sun. As the game progresses, the shade on that side of the stands should increase to include some of the lower rows that are closer to the field. The same can be said of the upper-level seats on the 1st baseline, sections 211-218. However, most seats along the 3rd baseline will still be sun soaked unless they are in the back few rows. That applies to both the lower level and upper level. Any seats in the outfield will also receive plenty of sun during these late-afternoon games.

Seats in the Shade at Tigers Evening Games

Detroit is on of the farthest cities west in the eastern time zone. It’s so far north and west that the sun doesn’t set until after 9:00 during the summer! There are still two hours of sunlight for a game that starts at 7:10.

By first pitch, the sun is almost directly behind home plate. This means that the closer you are to home plate, the more likely you are to have the sun at your back. This is particularly true along the 1st baseline, so sections 117-124 in the lower level and 216-219 in the upper level are the best places to be. Certain areas of the 3rd baseline will be fine by this point, although not ideal unless they’re close to home plate. Meanwhile, those seated in the left field stands will be looking at the sun until it sets, so those seats aren’t ideal, even for a night game.

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