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Shaded Seats at Oriole Park at Camden Yards

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Oriole Park at Camden Yards, located near Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, is the beloved home of the Orioles. Baltimore’s summer climate is hot and humid and summer temperatures can easily reach the 90s. Fans attending Orioles games can use this guide in conjunction with the stadium’s seating chart to identify the best shaded seats at Camden Yards.

Where are the shaded seats at Camden Yards?

Generally, the seats in the shade at Camden Yards are located:

  • Behind Home Plate: Shaded during afternoon and evening games
  • 3rd Base Line: Receives shade in the late afternoon and evening
  • Terrace Level: Covered seats are shaded

In the 2024 season, the Orioles play day games (1:05 p.m. or 1:35 p.m.), late afternoon games (4:05 p.m.) and evening games (6:35 p.m. or 7:05 p.m.). For specific details about sections and different start times, please continue reading.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards Orientation to the Sun

Camden Yards is oriented to the northeast. Similar to the ballpark a few miles south in Washington, DC, the sun rises over the right field wall, rotates around home plate at mid-day and sets behind the third base side of the ballpark. Since most Orioles games are afternoon or evening games this makes the 3rd base side the “shade side” of Camden Yards.

The graphic below shows the approximate location of the sun throughout the day on July 1st (halfway through the MLB season).

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Seats in the Shade at Orioles Early Afternoon Games

For day games that start at 1:05 p.m. or 1:35 p.m., the sun begins the game high above home plate. During these games, the best option for avoiding the sun is in the terrace level. These are the odd-numbered sections at field level; for instance, sections 65 and 67 are terrace level and mostly covered. In contrast, sections 66 and 68 are closer to the field and not covered. For those who don’t mind sitting higher, seats in sections 334 to 380, especially in the last five to ten rows of these 25-row sections, are situated under the roof, which provides shade.

Seats close to the field along both base lines will be exposed to the sun, with little shade available until the sun begins to shift behind the stands along the 3rd base line. The most sun-exposed spots for day games are in lower sections along the 1st base line and extending into the center and right field stands.

Shadows on the stands at Oriole Park

By mid-afternoon, seats along the 3rd base line become shaded, while seats on the 1st base line and in the outfield remain in the sun.
Credit: Orioles Opening Day by Maryland GovPics (CC BY 2.0)

Seats in the Shade at Orioles Late Afternoon Games

Finding a shaded seat for a 4:05 p.m. game is much simpler. As shadows start to spread across the field, seats from home plate extending to the left field foul pole will enjoy shade. Elevation doesn’t matter—as long as you’re on the 3rd base side, whether next to the field, in the upper deck, or somewhere in between, you’ll find shade.

Seats closer to home plate on the 1st base line will become shaded as the game moves along. However, seats further down the line and near the right field foul pole will remain in sunlight for a significant portion of the game. Sections 90 to 98, located beyond the outfield walls, are the least desirable for those looking to avoid the sun.

Seats in the Shade at Orioles Evening Games

Evening games at Camden Yards don’t guarantee escape from the sun, as sunset is after 8:00 p.m. and sometimes as late as 8:30 p.m. during the summer. That said, seats behind home plate, along the 3rd baseline, and in the left field stands are generally well-shaded.

For shade seekers, it’s best to avoid center field and right field, as well as sections 1 through 11 near the foul pole. Similar to the late afternoon games, seats closer to home plate and dugout on the 1st base side are a better bet avoiding the sun.

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